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Screen Reader

Empowering blind and visually impaired users with AI

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What IS Typeahead?

Typeahead is an
AI screen reader.

Easy to learn.

Open Typeahead with a hotkey and tell it what to do in plain English.

Teach by example.

Record yourself doing a task, and Typeahead can learn how to play it back.


Use in offline mode to handle sensitive data with open-source AI models.

Does it work with the apps I use?

Typeahead works natively on Mac.

Typeahead is currently available only on MacOS, but it works with any desktop app or website.

It can be used with VoiceOver, and you can automate your daily tasks. Typeahead is a Copilot for the blind and visually impaired.

HOW IS THIS DIfferent FROM VoiceOver?

Typeahead is powered by AI. 

Traditional screen readers will tell you what can be interacted with, but Typeahead can decide how to interact with the elements on the screen.

Interested in trying Typeahead?

Our mission is to help people stay ahead of the AI curve.

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